Earning editorial coverage has a positive impact on the people you and your business want to influence


PR is a powerful way to effectively communicate your business message to your target audience.

Earning editorial coverage in newspapers and magazines, or through TV and radio, has a major impact on the people you want to influence.

Promote can research, write and issue media releases that captures the imagination of journalists working across a variety of media platforms – print, broadcast, and online.

  • Enhance and protect your reputation/image
  • Educate and inform existing and potential customers
  • Aid recruitment and retention
  • Increase public/user satisfaction levels
  • Build traffic to your business or website.

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“I was delighted to hand the PR for the launch of a new whisky designed for our local market to Promote. The end result was coverage of the launch as promised, but we unexpectedly have seen increased interest in our distillery in general from the press as a result of Promote reminding them that we are here, which is fantastic.”

Andrew Nelstrop, Owner

The English Whisky Company

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